# Electrified Drive Microsite ## Social Sharing Custom social plugins have been developed to correctly handle sharing multiple stories from the same page with open graph tags. Please use the following guidelines for all social links on the site. ### Link structure All social links should be a tags and contain the "share" class followed by a social network class "facebook", "twitter" or "linkedin". The href attribute is used to point to a separete share page containing the appropriate open graph tags for the post. Example: ``` html
``` ### Share pages Share pages are individual pages which contain open graph tags for specific pieces of shared content. Share pages contain a single line of js which will redirect any user visiting the page back to the home page. Share pages should be placed in the share directory and should be structured like the following example: ``` html ``` ### Share images Images linked from the open graph tags in the share pages should be stored in the `share/img` directory